graafschap college doetinchem

Graafschap College will realize a new school building for circa 700 students of the departments Sports & Exercise and Safety & Craftsmanship on the site of the former tennis hall of Sportpark Zuid in Doetinchem. The future premises will also house de tenants SportmedX and Sportservice. Sportpark Zuid is the ideal location for Sports & Exercise due to the expected synergy with the local sports clubs and the new sports hall which was realized in 2014.
The concept for the new building comprises a layout with two bays with a spatial and programmatic heart in between. The floor plan of the atrium is shaped as a cascading landscape, named The Midfield in reference to sport and teamwork. The canteen is situated in the Midfield, offering many opportunities for interaction in the atrium and also making the building spatially lively and exciting. The generic thermal facades with high horizontal band windows offer an optimal freedom of layout, fast construction and a panoramic view. The differentiation of the appearance and protection against heat load is accomplished with steel skin façade around the whole building. With an organically shaped tree structure it connects to the surrounding vegetation in the area. Just like the thermal facades the floor plans have a generic properties and contribute to a high level of flexibility.

The school has a generous amount of daylight entering the building through the façade and the glass atrium roof creating a healthy indoor climate and a pleasant experience. The use of daylight combined with LED lighting - with presence detection - leads to substantial energy savings. For the independent generation of renewable energy, PV panels are placed on the roof and there are solar boilers for the heating of tap water. The school is 100% electric; there is no connection to natural gas supply. The schools meets the requirements of the standard for Frisse School Klasse B.

The design of the plot around the building, with gabions accommodating planting, grass to the gable line as well as stepped terraces and seating that work as a strong connection between interior and exterior, embed the building pleasantly in atmosphere and function. Construction has started in june 2017, delivery is planned for 2018.

doetinchem / the netherlands