wholesale trade in transport wheels

Commercial premises for a supplier of transport wheels, given a distinctive allure in a straightforward manner. The storage area is accommodated in a simple, two-storey closed box with a skin of black-coated steel profile plating. However, this is concealed behind an austere and horizontally partitioned façade screen installed on the street sides at some distance from the building itself. This screen follows the exact edge of the parcel. The space between the box and the screen is covered over and closed off and serves as a showroom and reception area. The building was nominated for the National Steel Prize 2002. Besides the austere aesthetics, the jury also praised the sophisticated layout and functionality, the transparency, and its setting on the business estate. The press, too, was enthusiastic. With this design, cepezed has proven that little is needed to give a boring building a genuine countenance, was the assessment. The specialist magazine Bouw wrote: ‘The round form gives it infinity and beauty that one seldom sees on business estates.’
utrecht / the netherlands

langerak wielen, utrecht