ptt post distribution centres

Formula-based series of eighteen distribution offices for the erstwhile PTT Post (national post service), in which the challenge primarily lay in the exceptionally low budget and the unprecedented short construction time for the whole series of buildings. The flexible and modular construction system conceived by cepezed enabled all the locations in question, with their miscellaneous requirements and preconditions, to deliver tailor-made work. The success factors for the project are simplicity of design, intelligent use of materials, careful finishing, and a streamlined construction process. Each centre has an austere, compact, and rectangular design. No money was spent on eye-catching knick-knacks. The modular nature of the construction system strongly simplified, rationalized, and accelerated the construction process. The production work was largely transferred to the factory and most of the onsite work consisted of assembling the elements. Depending on the size the entire construction time for each office took sixteen to twenty weeks.
the netherlands

ptt vastgoed/tpg real estate, the hague