Commercial building for a producer of display materials and shop interiors. It contains production areas, offices, a reception hall, showroom, company canteen, storage areas, and a dispatch bay. The form and layout were primarily determined by the production process of the user, the elongated dimensions of the parcel, and the restrictions imposed by the zoning plan. To avoid large building volumes, only a part of the parcel could be built upon. However, much space was needed to accommodate the company functions. Accordingly, the premises were designed as a rectangular volume that more or less covers the entire parcel, but in which a number of large patios are cut out. Here, the profile of the steel façade continues on in 50% perforated stainless steel. The façades of the patios themselves are executed in glass. Combined with large vides in the first floor, this ensures that daylight penetrates deep into the premises. The jury of the National Steel Prize 2004 regarded the building as the example of how more quality can be introduced into industrial construction. Meanwhile, the building has been in use for several years now by QBTEC, which produces a variety of catering-equipment and furnishings. 
woerden / the netherlands

ronic beheer bv, woerden