sanitary-kitchen-module bonded warehouse building

The nineteenth-century bonded warehouse in the Kop van Zuid former harbour area of Rotterdam has been made suitable for shopping and catering functions on the ground floor and for rented offices and apartments on the upper floors. The central zone of the building, which is almost 200 metres long and 37 metres wide, has been left open on the upper floors. A total of 107 apartments have been realized on either side of the void thus created. There are loft apartments on the first two storeys and maisonettes with an extra roof construction on the top floor.
The apartments have been delivered as an empty shell. The only fixed element is a completely laid-out sanitary and kitchen module in the apartment. These units, in which the bathroom, a toilet, a washing machine space, and connections for the kitchen block have been installed, are entirely prefabricated and transported to the building site as a complete entity. The units, which measure 1.6 x 4.8 metres, consist of a concrete floor plate and self-supporting steel sandwich panel walls. They have been produced by a manufacturer experienced in the production of prefab units for the offshore industry.