quirijnboulevard - patiowoningen

Variegated housing adjoining and in the direct vicinity of a city park that was once envisaged as the continuation of a motorway. The plan for the zone comprised an attractive diversity of housing types and sizes, as well as varied but harmonious use of neutral and inconspicuous materials. For the Landréstraat, cepezed designed single-family homes immediately adjoining and looking out upon the park. The concept was completely adapted to the situation. The living rooms lie at the front of the houses, on the first floor. They have glass fronts that can be fully opened and, nine metres long, they are fully oriented toward the park. Because the first floors protrude out above the ground floor, but have no supporting columns, there is parking space under the overhang. As a result, the view from the living room is not disturbed by cars. Residents indeed have the idea that they are living amid the greenery of the park. Smaller bungalows border on the back gardens of the park houses. With their T-shape, the bungalows stand literally in the middle of the garden. The head of the ‘T’ accommodates a drive-in, a storage area, a bathroom and a bedroom. The living room, with an open-plan kitchen, is situated in the stalk of the ‘T’ and has glass façades and a garden area on either side. For the Vlashoflaan and Sweelincklaan, cepezed designed a type of single-family home that, in the context of the row, resembles a high, dark and closed wall. A lower glass volume has been placed in front of each house; it accommodates the kitchen on the ground floor and the bathroom on the first floor. At the rear, the houses open on to the garden, where they have a friendly wooden façade. Another series of smaller family homes are situated on the Obrechtstraat, bordering on the abovementioned houses. These also have friendly wooden cladding at the rear, while the rest of the façades consist of simple and neutral corrugated material. These houses, too, have been realized in sober and abstract materials.
tilburg / the netherlands

municipality of tilburg