auto experience centre, shenzhen, china

While on an excursion that took them to various European car sales centres, the Chinese Genuine Gold Auto Trading Company was impressed by the Porsche Zentrum Zuffenhausen in Stuttgart. The clarity and the clean lines particularly appealed to them. For the development of its own 3,500 m2 car experience centre in Longgang, which falls under the Chinese urban prefecture of Shenzhen, the company therefore approached cepezed as architect. The building will be located in the area where the Universiade took place in 2011 and forms an integral part of its redevelopment. It will function as a sales centre, but will also focus on awareness of sustainable car use. So the commissioning client will reserve considerable space in the future for new possibilities and technologies in the automotive industry. In graphic terms, the design is based on a combination of circles with different radii, around which a tautly designed skin will be implemented. As a result, the teardrop-shaped building enjoys a great degree of simplicity and autonomy in appearance. Internally, it consists mainly of a combination of linked, sloping circular routings circa 6.5 metres wide situated around two atriums in the centre of the circles. This creates a three-dimensional circuit where cars can be displayed but also tried out. The routings also provide a zone specifically for pedestrians. The cleanly designed and slanting facade incorporates different degrees of openness and visual corridors. The lower part consists of glass, in front of which horizontal strips are installed from about a height of three metres. Above that, the façade consists of minimally detailed, laser-cut composite of a light hue, which is partly double curved. At the top, a skybar has been incorporated that provides an excellent view of the surroundings and the interior of the building. On its north side, the transparent façade flows over in a fluid movement into a roof light that provides the cars inside with an abundance of natural light.

shenzhen / china

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