ides floor

The continual commitment to the integration of design, constructions, building services and engineering has additionally led cepezed to the development of a number of integrated floor systems. For the IDES floor in our own office in Delft, unorthodox use was also made of steel cassettes originally employed for explosion walls in the offshore industry. The cassettes contain all the required ducting for the electrical, data and service systems and are combined with a steel plate-anhydrite floor. The floor is lightweight, facilitates a completely free lay-out of the office floors and including ceiling finish has a height of only 300 mm. As a result, the cepezed office could accommodate an extra storey within the permitted building height. For the new-build at the Westraven office complex, considerable time and attention was spent using the possibilities of the standard Wingplate floors from producer Betonson to the full. The floors here are only 31 cm high and contain all the ducting systems conceivable including those for the sprinklers and air conditioning, so that a lowered ceiling is no longer required to conceal the residual ducts. Combinations of floor and façade concepts are currently leading to even more structural, climatological and energy advantages.