vrt studios, belgium

The design of cepezed is based on three categories: the multipurpose room, the studios along with editorial offices and support functions. The multipurpose room is the hub of the building and functions as an entrance area and meeting place for visitors and employees. All other areas are visually or physically linked with the central space. In this volume there are two separate studios that are also visible from outside through a large window. The multi-purpose room is a sort of living room, a space for informal contacts and encounters which perfectly reflects the atmosphere of Radio 2. Any changes to the interior are easy implemented because adaptable materials are used. Considering the sustainability of the building, a limited number of durable and easy maintainable materials have been used. The modular design, with pre-tested prefabricated and reusable elements, provides - apart from a short realization time - in the future numerous advantages: each element is easy to replace or restore and the building is easily adaptable and completely dismountable.