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The Dutch design team including Hosper landscape architecture and urban design, Niek Roozen landscape architects, cepezed architects and Witteveen en Bos engineers ended up second during the last round for Park Russia, a new to be developed theme park covering over 1.600 hectares just north of Moskow. The park is projected with an extensive programme including functions in the fields entertainment, amusement, sports, education, exhibitions, welness, hotel and catering, as well as commerce. All these are planned amidst a variegated landscape with several theme zones. 

In the second round of the design contest, five of the originally 180 international consortia from 41 countries competed against each other. The Dutch team and its plan were very much inspired by the diversity of the Russian landscapes and cultures. In the design, each zone has its own thematical layout and organization. 

As the center of Park Russia, cepezed designed the Russia Globe, a golden sphere with a diameter of 100 m incorporating two helix-shaped public routes fit with expositions around Russian culture and history. The base of the sphere contains a large amphitheatre. A lot of attention was paid to a proper incorporation of the architecture into the landscaping, which was correspondently appreciated by the international jury.   

More about the project can be found on the website of Park Russia.

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