park hoog oostduin

The former Shell offices at the Oostduinlaan in The Hague were designed by H.E. Oud, the son of architect J.J.P. Oud. Entirely in keeping with the current trend for redevelopment, the building is undergoing a transformation into an apartment complex. Based on a design by cepezed and cepezedinterior, it will ultimately consist of app. 300 high-end homes, of various types and sizes. The complex, which dates from 1968, is located at the edge of the Oostduin-Arendsdorp estate and consists of a sizeable high-rise volume with a lower building block directly adjacent at right angled. In the high-rise, excellent residential quality is achieved by starting the design from the inside out. Existing characteristics such as the intricate structural elements are being utilized as much as possible. The fullest possible reuse of the existing traits allows the maximum possibilities to be realized efficiently and effectively with the minimum of interventions, while the characteristic nature of the complex is respected. The apartments are situated on both sides of the existing central strip, where voids will be introduced to increase the spatial quality; the apartments are also accessed from the strip. At the entrance side, the volume will be provided with a horizontally articulated, three-metre-deep extension with balconies, enlarging the living rooms behind. Two large-scale recesses break the steel extension to create an outer surface that contributes to an intriguing appearance. On the sea side, external space has been included in the form of recessed balconies within the contours of the existing building while the façade lay-out is more playful, with a strong rhythm of both horizontal and vertical lines. The structural end elevations of French limestone will be retained entirely intact. The lower building block is demolished and will be replaced by a new block on the existing foundations, which will be loosely modelled on the main building as far as appearance is concerned. The new-build will be less elongated than the existing building and positioned at some distance from the principal building. This creates space between the two volumes and enhances the complex’s relationship with the adjacent park and estate. The characteristic tile panel Karel Appel is retained for transfer within the complex. The grounds will also undergo a meticulous upgrade. As a replacement for the current outdoor parking garage, which has an unattractive appearance, a covered parking layer will be realized with landscaped greenery above, to create a strong feeling of ‘living in the park’.

Park Hoog Oostduin has been nominated by Vastgoedjournal as best housing project in The Hague.

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