urban villa rotterdam

Close collaboration between cepezed and cepezedinterior for the overall refurbishment of a two-storey house with a pyramid roof dating from the early 1970s. From the outside, the dwelling wasn’t all that interesting, but it had great potential inside. Furthermore, the location – with an enormous garden in the middle of the Western Holland conurbation – is magnificent. cepezed carried out a few fundamental interventions in the shell with major visual impact. The existing roof overhang was removed and the volume was given a clean-lined, vertically articulated zinc skin, which gives the entire house a powerful and yet restrained appearance. The existing window elements at the front were adapted to the rhythm and proportions of the new exterior. The obliquely receding sides of a recess in the roof surface at the back, made to create a patio at this spot, were straightened. The existing, inconveniently placed daylight openings in the roof were replaced with narrow glazed strips at strategic positions.

Based on a strict zoning of functions, cepezedinterior completely renewed the lay-out of the house. The ground floor is characterized by three constructive bays parallel with the street. The foremost bay houses the entrance and guest rooms with bathroom, in addition to the garage. The central zone contains the library and the resident’s work spaces. The strip at the back has an almost entirely glazed façade, completely oriented towards the garden, and contains the lounge, the dining area and the kitchen. Complementary to the three already-present voids on the ground floor, the lounge has been given an extra clear height reaching up to directly under the roof surface. The upper floor has also been given a completely new lay-out, with the master bedroom situated centrally under the peak of the pyramid with wide sliding doors to the roof patio on the garden side. The whole interior has been implemented using a limited and modest palette of materials. For the most part, the flooring consists of strips of dark ceramic tiles laid in a random pattern; only the bedroom and the walk-in wardrobe have a wooden parquet floor. The walls are finished with plasterwork. For the walk-in wardrobe in the master bedroom, the bed wall, the bathroom, the library and the kitchen, clean-lined and abstract custom furniture was designed and implemented in materials such as white high-gloss spraywork, Corian and oak veneer. The lighting plan with atmospheric and functional lighting is characterized by many built-in fixtures.

rotterdam / the netherlands