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van spaendonck ondernemingshuis

Recently, the Van Spaendonck Enterprise House in Tilburg was officially opened; a multitenant office block for enterprise supporting organizations radically revitalized by cepezed and cepezedinterior. The original building, formerly named The Corpac House, stems from 1968 and was designed by the Rotterdam office Van den Broek & Bakema. In later years, this split-level edifice composed of two volumes at different height levels was expanded with several additions. In a variety of aspects such as climate, user experience and functionality, the complex no longer met contemporary standards though.

cepezed’s approach was based on efficient, effective and well-considered interventions. For instance, right at the project start, the office made a thorough inventory of the existing situation and the possibilities it included. For several construction segments, cepezed researched the cost-effectiveness of demolition and preservation. This showed that it was more profitable to preserve a particular addition that the client had actually nominated for demolition. It turned out that with minimal adjustments, the addition could easily blend in with the setup and aesthetics of the renewed enterprise house, thus rendering demolition a waste of resources.

The renewed façade is based on the horizontal, very characteristic rhythm and articulation of the existing one. The new outer walls have the same proportion of closed and transparent elements as the old one, but with an outer finishing of aluminium and a minimalistic detailing, it has strikingly modern looks.

cepezed broke open the existing, closed structure. The office floors were rearranged and fitted with a wide variety of workplaces, ranging from open and activity-based to concentration rooms and more traditional, cellular offices in close consultation with the different tenants. A lot of attention was also paid to the functionality and ambience of the shared facilities such as the relax zones and the meeting rooms of different types and measurements. For use by all, the atrium adjoining the main entrance contains a work café with 98 seats.

The renewed enterprise house has a BREEAM-Excellent certification based on the norms set for new constructions. A high degree of sustainability is achieved by reusing the main stability structure, the original stairwells and after an aesthetical upgrade part of the existing furniture. The renewed façade is highly insulated and provided with HR++ glazing, installations were minimized, while they are based on contemporary, energy-saving techniques such as climate ceilings, the use of underground thermal storage, LED-lighting and some 200 m² of solar panels on the roof. Around the building, a flowery biodiversity garden will be realized, designed by Green Curve.

Part of the focus on connection and cooperation is the use of the building by third parties, who can rent rooms and facilities. This way, the Van Spaendonk Enterprise House also contributes to social and economic sustainability.

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