applikon I and II

Applikon Biotechnology blossomed into a world-wide player in the development and production of bioreactor systems and desperately needed a new headquarters. cepezed designed the new building as the first phase of the Delft Engineering and Production (DEP)-plan on Science Park Technopolis Delft, a development of partner cepezedprojects.

Next to offices, the design covers a biolab, company restaurant, meeting spaces and an educational room. Additionally, a large section of the building is filled with production spaces including a workshop, several assembly sections, a test hall and a dispatch zone. The spatial layout of the design largely follows the production process. The construction structure consist of two connected building blocks: a lower and a higher section. The lower contains the most important production rooms and is has a double height ceiling. The other section contains five layers in total; the ground floor hereof accommodates the workshop and is largely a continuation of the production hall in the lower part. Above the workshop, the block contains offices and other functions. Adjoining the company restaurant on the third floor, a large terrace on the roof of the assembly hall has been realized. Around the terrace, this roof is covered with sedum. 

Directly adjoining the lower construction block, one constructive bay of the higher section forms a separate zone that lends stability to the entirety and also contains the entrance, all stairs and elevators, kitchenettes, sanitary facilities and shafts. The floors consist of concrete hollow-core slabs which have been positioned at a distance from each other, thus creating recesses used to accommodate the most main piping routes. At the top, the recesses have been covered with dovetailed steel reinforcement sheets and a finishing floor. At the bottom, they are kept from sight by means of baffles. 

Two years after completion of the new building, Applikon needed an expansion of both the production and office area with a total of 2,000 m² due to its turbulent growth. The original design took into account the possibility of expanding the building in a logical and cost-effective manner. For this purpose, the constructive separation between office and production hall with the positioning of elevation points and functional spaces has been carefully designed. The new three-layer office volume is placed symmetrically against the existing structural beech and above part of the current production hall. The extension the same form and materialization, which keeps the appearance of the new extended building unambiguous and powerful. 

delft / the netherlands

applikon biotechnology