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Pas Reform Hatching Technologies is an international player in the field of hatchery technology for the poultry sector. The company’s products include components for hatching incubators. In recent years, it has realized in two phases a small 8,500 m2 new-build, designed by cepezed. During this process, further expansion in a possible third phase was factored in.

The capacity realized in phase one is intended purely for transfer and distribution and has, partly as a result of this, an exceptionally simple and efficient design, where nonetheless an unusually high-quality appearance has been achieved within a very modest budget. In essence, the building component consists of a single large sober volume, where another twostorey volume circa six metres square has been placed in the south-east corner; it has an office space on the ground floor and a canteen on the first floor. The toilets, changing rooms and showers are also situated in this inner volume. The inner volume has an extremely thin roof and floor package in which all the building services are integrated. The main volume has a slender steel construction where the column grid is based on the dimensions of standard pallet racks. The hall is characterized by a minimum number of slender columns, while the foremost 25 metres are entirely column-free to allow lorries to manoeuvre better. The façade apertures such as overhead doors and dock shelters are clad with the same profiled sheeting as the façades and align perfectly when closed, to create an uninterrupted frontage. The façades themselves consist mainly of insulated interior boxes with an exterior finish of black coated sheet piling. At the corners the sheeting has been mitred and the seams have been sealed shut, which creates a very refined impression. The non-expanded poured concrete floor contains water piping that is connected to a thermal storage system.

Phase two dovetails seamlessly, fills the plot in a southerly direction and is for the most part also filled with racks for storage and transfer. Just like phase one, this building block also contains an inner volume in the east wing, which houses a training room and demonstration area. A possible third phase would provide space for the office functions of Pas Reform, which are still located in Zeddam. Phase one was the winner of the BNA Building of the Year competition in the year 2012 in the East region. An excerpt from the jury rapport: ‘Pure, slender, elegant, controlled – the jury is deeply impressed by the craftsmanship manifested by this building.’

doetinchem / the netherlands

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