bonded warehouse building

A shopping mall, catering facilities, offices, and more than one hundred apartments in De Vijf Werelddelen former bonded warehouse at the Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam. This industrial and economic monument dates from 1879, and played an important role in Rotterdam’s evolution into a world port. In the redevelopment, the existing cast and welding iron structure was left completely intact, and the new edifice harmonizes excellently with the refined details of the original design. The original wooden tent roof was removed and replaced by new construction with a set-back in relation to the eaves, which thus continue to determine the perceived height of the building. A longitudinal incision was made in the central section and equipped with transparent roofing. As a result, a light and spatial atrium was created, which offers a marvellous sight of the now freestanding iron construction. The lofts and maisonettes contain only a completely prefabricated sanitary unit with a toilet, bathroom and connections for a kitchen unit, and residents are free to partition the rest as they please.
rotterdam / the netherlands

mabon bv, rijswijk