masterplan porschefactory, leipzig, germany

The new Porsche factory in Leipzig had to meet every one of the requirements mentioned in the Corporate Identity. In the flat terrain without any reference points between the airport and Leipzig, the choice was made for a single material for the façade of the production hall, and that was: glass. On this scale, it gives the production hall the desired effect of perfection and quality. The façade was specially developed together with ZNS van Dam. The complex proportions, in particular in the heart of the factory's control centre, the Integrazionszenter, have been resolved in a compact and clear way. The factory has been provided with possibilities for expansion with a number of arms. In front of the factory hall is the Demozenter, designed with a spectacular tower as the distinctive feature of the complex, which commands a view of the entire 120-hectare terrain. The race track with its option to expand to hold F1 races and the off-road track are situated on the other side of the Demozentrum, making the lower floors suitable as a stand and for events. The multifunctionality of the building – sales, showroom and race centre stand – makes it a special assignment. This building complex was also subject to time constraints, due to the considerable economic interests involved. Production in the factory had to start as quickly as possible. The factory was delivered within the agreed timeframe and budgetary limits.

leipzig / germany