exhibition pavilion hoek van holland

Originally intended to be a temporary exhibition building, this pavilion was acclaimed by the jury of the British Steel Colorcoat Award as an architectonic highlight. The pavilion is situated at a unique location at the mouth of the Nieuwe Waterweg, where more than 30,000 ocean-going ships pass by annually. The form of the building was strongly influenced by the character and magnificent view of the location. The building has a triangular cross-section. The façade on the water side, made entirely of glass, has been installed at an angle of 45 degrees and thus forms a continuation of the slope of the dike. To protect the glass wall against sun and wind, a pressed grating screen has been erected in front of it. The grating actually stretches over the building, thus also offering shelter from the elements on the land side. By opening up a number of gratings as if they were shutters, a viewing strip was created for the visitors inside. In addition, a part of the grid screen was left open for a gallery for passers-by. This gallery issues on to an exterior terrace.
hoek van holland / the netherlands

municipal port authority, rotterdam