cepezed is a broad-based design office with a wide range of knowledge and expertise concerning various types of assignment. That the office not only focuses on the final result, but also on the path taken to achieve it, contributes significantly to the expertise. Naturally, the office understands its profession at the level of subject matter such as spatial design, functionality, structural engineering, building technology, detailing and so on. However, it is also proficient in a large number of fields in the procedural domain, such as planning, cost control, quality monitoring, coordination, communication, organization and collaboration. Integral design is a core quality with both a strong content and procedural component. Specific tasks that traditionally do not fall within the work field of the architect, but that cepezed carries out with great regularity are, for instance, providing accommodation advice, drawing up spatial and technical design briefs, managing total engineering projects and initiating and developing product innovations. For projects such as buildings research and development, the office also designs technical interiors, while for the more standard interiors there is naturally its autonomous department cepezedinterieur.