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building d(emountable): example project circularity

Just before the turn of the year, Buidling D(emountable) on our own site between the Ezelsveldlaan en Nieuwelaan was completed. By now, the circular office block is in full use! The modern and sustainable building is completely demountable and reflects cepezed’s way of designing and building.

circular prototype 

The almost 1.000 m2 building is a striking example of the way cepezed approaches circularity. It demonstrates how one can design buildings that can later function as a donor to other projects or can even be used elsewhere in their entirety. The demountable and remountable building with a main structure of steel and wood is super lightweight; the use of materials is kept to an absolute minimum. The ground floor is made of poured concrete, but all other building components are modular and dry-mounted. It is also fully flexible in its arrangement, gas-free and equipped with waste heat recovery. 

own development
Under the coordination of cepezedbouwteam, the kit-of-parts building was realized on the historic and monumental cepezed complex in the city center of Delft. In 2012 we acquired the ensemble with former laboratories of the Technical University. We transformed it into a creative cluster with housing for various companies in the creative sector. However, the only non-monumental building on site was in poor condition. Now, it has been replaced by Building D(emountable).

new users creatieve cluster
The ground floor of the new building has been taken into use by app and website developer 9to5 software. Game developer Triumph Studios occupies the other three floors. cepezed and cepezedinterieur have their own office in Building A and cepezedprojects and cepezedbouwteam in Building C. The independent network for smart, sustainable and social mobility Connekt is housed in Building B. 

Would you like more information about Building D(emountable) and, for example, the extremely short integral (construction)process? E-mail us through and we’ll send you our press kit!  

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