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newsflash! the green house in nos news

The cepezed-designed pavilion The Green House in Utrecht remains a distinguished example. Last Friday February 21st, the NOS eight-hour news discussed the now two-year-old building as a reference for circularity in the construction industry and for the efforts to render the branch more sustainable.

european top 
On the way to a circular economy, The Netherlands is doing very well according to the latest figures from Statistics Netherlands (CBS). The Netherlands is in the European top when it comes to recycling waste. Relatively, we use few materials such as asphalt and raw materials and there is no country in Europe that recycles more than The Netherlands does. Major steps are also being made in construction. 

circular design
cepezed designed catering pavilion The Green House to a large extent with recycled materials and such that in about fifteen years, it can be demounted to be rebuilt elsewhere. The foundation consists of prefab concrete blocks and the steel structure is not welded, but bolted (‘dry’ mounted). The ground floor consists of street clinkers from the Waalkade in Tiel, while the façade largely consist of old smoke glass façade panels from the former neighboring barrack building, which cepezed sustainably transformed into State Office De Knoop.

transition team circular building economy 
The government intends to make the entire economy circular before 2050. For this goal, director Menno Rubbens of developer cepezedprojects is part of the Transition Team Circular Building Economy, which operates on behalf of the government and is specifically aimed at circular construction. With The Green House and other circular projects, cepezed already actively contributes to this. 

episode nos

Curious about the entire NOS fragment? Watch it here

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