cepezed's inventive attitude featured

Though architects can choose from an abundance of construction products and materials, what they'd love to use most is often not available. In such a case, one can select an exisiting solution, tailor a project-specific answer to the problem at hand, or develop a new product apt for serial production and/or further development during future projects.

The architects of cepezed are specialized in the latter mode of operation, which leads to interesting innovations in the construction branch. In the January issue of Dutch trade journal de Architect, Philip Allin describes the inventive attitude of the office, that has a lot of different product developments to its name. Through three recent projects, Allin shows the offices' principles and methods as well as their results.  

"Whatever you think of it," Allin concludes, "the quality is undeniably high and present. And in comparison to the output of a lot of other offices, that is an art in itself."