cepezed in architecture guide midden-brabant

On Friday November 25th, the Centre for Architecture and Town Planning Tilburg (CAST) will present the new architecture guide for the central region of the Brabant province. The guide will also include some high-profile cepezed projects.  

Containing over 140 projects and introductions per municipality on the most notable developments in the fields of architecture and town planning, the publication is a conveniently arranged guide to exceptional architecture in the central Brabant region. The book does not contain common architectural projects in the area, but singles out what architecturally distinguishes the district from Waalwijk to Hilvarenbeek from the rest of the Netherlands: among other things an abundance of extraordinary private residences and a lush amount of buildings unique enough to deserve a place in an architectural guide no matter what the particular theme. cepezed is represented with the renovation and expansion of the Audax Textile Museum (which is also on the cover) and the residential project Quirijnboulevard.