appel returns

The artwork by Karel Appel from 1969 is minutually reconstructed tile by tile on the renovated high-rise of the Park Hoog Oostduin residential complex. The transformation of the former office complex in The Hague into a high-quality living environment is in the final phase. For the redevelopment, it was necessary to replace a low-rise wing containing restaurants, conference rooms and boardrooms with a detached apartment building on the same foundation. The mosaic of Karel Appel was commissioned by Shell for the facade of the management wing. Before the start of the demolition, the work tile was disassembled, documented and stored. With the same attention, it is now being relocated to the refurbished high-rise building.

cepezed collaborates with visual artists in many projects, such as the American Ned Kahn and contemporary Dutch artists such as Marjan Teeuwen, Har Hollands and Studio Drift. Other works that have been lost from the post-war period are also be relocated so that they are retained in the public space. In addition to this work by Karel Appel, a work from the same period by Ploeg artist Jan van der Zee in the Van Doornveste of Hanze polytechnic school Groningen has also been reconstructed.