guided tours the resident and county college

The cepezed projects The Resident in The Hague and the Graafschap College in Doetinchem are open to the public this Saturday. The projects are on the program of respectively Day of Architecture and Day of Construction (Dag van de Bouw).

The Resident houses the Ministries of Social Affairs and Employment and of Health, Welfare and Sport in a building complex that underwent a large-scale renovation in 2015 under the design of cepezed. In addition, the former Parnassusplein, a somewhat gloomy outdoor space, was transformed into an indoor atrium. The high atrium space, flooded with daylight, forms a representative, publicly accessible entrance between the two buildings. This Saturday however also the usually non-public ministerial office wings, with the interior design by Hofman Dujardin, can be viewed by everyone. For more information see: tour De Resident.

The Graafschap College in Doetinchem, which will house the Sports & Exercise and Safety & Craftsmanship programs of the school, is nearing completion. Now in the final phase of construction, the project can still take part in the Day of Construction program. The client and the builders and advisors involved give an open house between 10.00 and 16.00 at Sportpark Zuid in Doetinchem. There are employees from architectural firm cepezed, the KlaassenGroep (main contractor), Pola (installer), and Metadecor (façade construction) to answer your questions about the design and construction. There are also students from the Doetinchem training company to introduce the children to the construction by making little planes from wood. More information can be found on the site of the Klaassen Groep.

At the same time cepezed architect Ruben Molenwijk also gives a presentation on the circular concept of The Green House and the De Knoop government office at the Utrecht Day of Architecture. See the item circular projects cepezed for this.