two buildings cepezed example projects for circular design

In the e-book publication 'Circular (re) building in 4 steps', published by the Nederland Circulair! program earlier this year, two of the four example projects set out are designs by cepezed: the Temporary Court House of Amsterdam and the new state office building De Knoop in Utrecht.

The brochure was created by RVO, MVO Nederland and Het Groene Brein. It gives clients who are looking for a circular approach in renovation or new building assignments a wide range of information, a concrete step-by-step plan and a series of practical guidelines on circular design. The design by cepezed for the Temporary Court House, delivered in autumn 2016, focuses on a sharp reduction in material use. The building is completely dismountable and remountable to be able to fulfill the same or a new function at another location after its initial period of use of 6 years.
In the conversion of the former Knoop Barracks into a modern government office, as much as possible of the existing building was maintained or materials were reused in the new building for the adjacent The Green House, also designed by cepezed. The old smoked glass façade panels of the transformed barracks now form the skin of the new circular pavilion.

Nederland Circulair! is a program that encourages people and organizations to undertake circular business and to produce, consume, finance and organize more innovatively. The program has a 'matchmaking platform' on circular business and offers useful tools to help the business world 'circular'. The Netherlands Circular! is supported by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and executed by MVO Nederland / De Groene Zaak, Circle Economy, Het Groene Brein, Sustainable Finance Lab and