norwegian developers visit the green house and de knoop

Last Friday, a group of developers and architects from Oslo visited cepezed's latest projects, De Knoop Government Office and circular pavilion The Green House. The excursion, organized by the Norwegian architecture and building knowledge platform FutureBuilt, aimed to visit exemplary projects of circular development and design. Early in the morning Ronald Schleurholts, partner cepezed, and Menno Rubbens, director cepezedprojects, received the delegation for a presentation on De Knoop, The Green House and the Temporary Courthouse Amsterdam. Topics covered include cepezed's integral design philosophy for the sustainable reuse of building components and how a smart modular building methodology can provide for this. After a guided tour in De Knoop and a walk along the adjacent Moreelsebrug, also a design by cepezed, the Norwegian group also enjoyed a lunch at The Green House - of course with beautiful products from their own greenhouse.