circular pavilion the green house opened

The Green House has officially opened its doors. With a speech by the Utrecht alderman Victor Everhardt the press was received this morning and given a tour in the circular pavilion. The Green House offers space for a restaurant with its own urban farm, and a meeting center. The circular and highly sustainable design was made by cepezed in commission of consortium R Creators.

In accordance with the principles of circularity, the building (including the foundation of prefab concrete blocks) is completely dismountable. In fifteen years it can be built up elsewhere. The aim was also to implement reusable materials as much as possible. A vertical farming greenhouse of eighty square meters is located on the first floor next to the meeting rooms. Here vegetables and herbs are grown for the restaurant kitchen. An atrium in the pavilion makes the publicly accessible greenhouse visible from the restaurant below. A large green wall also contributes significantly to the experience of The Green House.