westraven nominated for bna-building of the year

On Friday april 4th, the cepezed-designed Westrave office complex has been nominated for election as BNA-building of the year, the prestigious architecture prize awarded by the Dutch Royal Institute of Architects (BNA). About Westraven, the jury was of the opinion that by means of interventions that are as unpresuming as they are rigorous, the architects have succeeded in transforming a nondescript office building from the 1970’s into a striking landmark. The jury expressed its fascination for the second skin of teflon-coated glass fibre and noticed the lavish incidence of light and the abundance of space with which the formerly quite closed building has been provided. The new construction was also marked as interesting. According to the jury, this section of the complex breathes an atmosphere of subtle and controlled high-tech. In its entirety, the project was judged as an intelligent, far-reaching and complex revamping for which the jury had a lot of esteem: “The perfection of the execution and the choice of materials are impressive. With the integral design methods and the application of new techniques that support the climate control, the government shows it takes its exemplary role in the field of sustainability seriously.” The definite BNA-building of the year 2008 will be announced on the 24th of april.