cepezed designs sonion premises

cepezed designs a new office building for Sonion, a global leader in the design of advanced miniature components and solutions for hearing instruments and advanced acoustics. The project is developed by OVG Project Development and will be realized on De Beukenhorst-Zuid in Hoofddorp, close to the local railway station. cepezed designs the premises for use by Sonion, but anticipates the use by future other tenants as well. The building measures some 4.600 m2 and has four storeys, one of which is partly beneath ground level and reserved for parking. The first storey above surface level contains laboratories and research facilities, the two storeys atop of it house offices and are arranged around a bright and spacious atrium directed towards the historical military levee and the adjoining landscape of the Haarlemmermeer. The atrium floor among other things facilitates the reception and company restaurant. It is flanked by a large roof terrace.