first pile lan handling technologies

This week, construction of the new building for Lan Handling Technologies commenced by driving the first piles. Lan is a globally operating company that develops and produces handling systems for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Partly because of its strong growth, the company had to look out for a new home. The new premises are designed by cepezed and cepezedinterior and house an assembly hall, engineering department and supporting office functions. In line with Lan's company mentality, the transparent edifice was designed with a single atmosphere in which the distinction between the offices and assembly hall is minimal. On the face, the triangular plot seemed to pose a difficult condition, but this was converted into an advantage and used to fit in four parallel assembly lines of different lengths. Each of these are used for the production of different handling systems; the longer ones for multiple systems at the same time, if necessary. A huge glass inner façade offer the offices and engineering department a direct view over the production hall. Completion of the entire building is planned for February 2019, though assembly hall will already be taken into use before. The construction coordination is in the hands of cepezedbouwteam. More about the approach of these specialists here.