lecture about de knoop and the green house for a.c.u.

cepezed architect Jaap Bosch will elaborate on Monday evening 26 March for Architecten Café Utrecht (ACU) about the projects De Knoop staat office building and the circular pavilion The Green House in Utrecht. The conversion of the former Knoopkazerne into a modern office and conference center for civil servants has been completed and the building has been in taken into use at the beginning of February.
The circular pavilion The Green House is located next to Rijkskantoor De Knoop, on the corner of Croeselaan and Rabostraat, on a plot that will only be finalized in 15 years. Until then, The Green House fulfills its role as a temporary circular catering pavilion with meeting facilities. The building, also realized by R-Creators, is characterized by a lightweight, modular and re-mountable construction. In addition, the facade glass panels come from the old Knoopkazerne; the pavers from the ground floor come from a quay in Tiel; the toilet block and the lift are separate units delivered on a pay-for-use basis. After 15 years, the pavilion will have the same or a different function at a new location. On 10 April, The Green House will be opened for its first period of use.
Jaap Bosch, at cepezed project leader for The Green House and co-project leader for De Knoop, presents both projects from the design phase to completion. The lecture will take place in Het Hof van Cartesius at the Vlampijpstraat in Utrecht and is freely accessible.