town hall westland in top 5 sustainable projects

The Westland Town Hall and Municipal Office designed by cepezed and cepezedinterieur are listed in the top five sustainable energy projects of magazine De Architect. A whitepaper has been published on the website of  De Architect containing the five exemplary projects in the area of energy performance. The high sustainability ambitions of the client the Municipality of Westland have been translated into the two CO2-neutral buildings by, among other things, the use of a Phase Change Materials energy buffer, triple glazing and thermal PV cells on the roofs.

"The application of sustainable energy in architecture goes beyond solar panels on the roof or insulation alone. Numerous innovations aim to stimulate sustainability in, for example, housing or office buildings. In this whitepaper you will find five example projects in which sustainable energy has been applied in the designs, "says Harm Tilman in the online publication.
The white paper can be downloaded free of charge with this link: sustainable energy projects