study cepezed for beach pavilions hoorn

The municipality of Hoorn has selected landscape architects Sant en Co to design the new city beach in Hoorn. Within this project, cepezed will carry out studies in close collaboration with Sant and Co for the scenic, ecological and architectural integration of two beach pavilions or catering establishments. In addition, one pavilion can get a permanent character while the other may become dismountable and movable.
The new city beach is part of the plan to strengthen the dykes between Hoorn and Amsterdam in the coming years. In Hoorn an extra earth-body for the existing dike will be located in the Markermeer. Part of this elongated new dike will take shape as a city beach with a width of approximately 100 meters and stretching over 1 kilometer. The beach is suitable for normal beach use but will also provide space for a walking and cycling path that runs all the way along the water to Amsterdam. Thanks to this dike reinforcement Hoorn will get a special phenomenon.