cepezed design new city archive amsterdam

cepezed architects will design the new historical archive storage of the Amsterdam City Archive. The project entails a Design, Build & Maintain-contract in which cepezed cooperates with met builder BAM Bouw en Techniek. The interior design is made by cepezedinterieur.
The archive storage building will complement the City Archive which in housed in the famous De Bazel building on the Vijzelstraat in Amsterdam. The general public will remain welcome in the De Bazel location for research and exhibitions. The new depot will be erected in Amsterdam-Noord, measure circa 3,000 square meters and contain over 45 kilometres of archive shelving.

The appearance will be bold and robust. The abstract volume with its dark colour beholds its contents, but with its thorough detailing the archive building rises above the character of an industrial shed. Inside the building has a crystal clear layout, fully accommodated to the logistic movements, the working processes and the security shields of the archive depot.

The plan focuses on minimizing material use, efficient exploitation and maintenance and on sustainability. The use of prefabricated components with standardized system measurements facilitates a fast and clean building assemblage; thus also resulting in an easy disassembling and re-assembling of the building if needed. This building method, frequently implemented by cepezed, closely fits the ambitions set by the City of Amsterdam to contribute to a circular economy.
On a yearly basis the archive storage will produce at least as much renewable energy as it needs for its own exploitation. To achieve this sustainable energy production a large number of solar panels will be places on the facades as well as on the roof.