jan pesman at delftse zomergasten

On Sunday November 26th cepezed partner Jan Pesman was the main guest of ‘Zomergasten Delft. In a 90 minute interview by Ferdinand Bakker Pesman spoke about his youth, his architecture studies at the Technical University Delft and his drive te become a venturous architect. Pesman would rather proclaim himself to be an industrial designer within the building profession. Pesman draws much of his inspiration from nature. He is endlessly fascinated by the diversity and the efficiency of flora and fauna as well as the extremely complex ways in which everything is connected in nature. Pesman's choice of film fragments showed various illustrations of biomimicry - the science that studies the examples from nature as inspiration to solve problems. As a perfect demonstration of this, Pesman introduces the Japanese Shinkansen high-speed train. Looking for a solution to the loud bang that the train causes at tunnels, the designers looked closely at the shape of the Jan van Gent bird. Their pointed head produces little wrinkles in the water during their sky-dive hunting for fish. The newest Shinkansen now quietly shoots into train tunnels. In the architecture of cepezed, this fascination translates in efficiency and integrality. Designing and building is, according to Pesman, also essentially a kind of evolutionary process, building forth on what is already there. Within certain frameworks, the architect always tries to achieve the maximum. Comprehensive simplification, repetitiveness and the intelligent linking of functions are often the same.