cepezed in delftdesign exhibition maak!

DelftDesign, the association of designers with a connection to Delft, celebrates its 30th anniversary with the exhibition MAAK! (CREATE!) Related to a variety of design disciplines, this shows the ceative design and production process from first draft to the final result. How far are these two apart? What was in the mind of the architect when the process started? Can one still recognize the first sketches in a mass-produced thermos jug? Twenty designers each show one project they are proud of.  cepezed participates with the project semi-detached houses on the fringes of Delft, with which the office gained international recognition in the early 1990's. The exhibition runs until January 14th 2019. The address is Agathaplein 4 in Delft. For more information on DelftDesign, see the organization's website.