artist impression mecc maastricht

MECC Maastricht undergoes a thorough modernization by design of cepezed. As of today impressions of the new interior are available, as well as previously presented views from the Johan Willem Beyenlaan. From the Beyenlaan, the transparent new building with its inviting appearance is visible. This add-on will surround the existing auditoria and host the Brightlands Meeting Point (BMP) with meeting, reception and break-out rooms as well as a restaurant facility. From the BMP, visitors will be able to reach the auditoria and other locations within the MECC. The BMP also has its own entrance to the Forum Square, which makes it possible for the restaurant to welcome guests when the MECC is closed. The lobby on the north side of the auditorium gets a modern look, with a wide vide and a double-high transparent plinth. Both interventions increase the daylight entering the building and improve the orientation within the MECC.