the numbers tell the tale

cepezed likes to employ the latest technologies for its design processes. Therefore, we work with Building Information Models, of course, and Virtual Reality is used for an impactful communication of our plans. A new tool for desiging on existing buildings is the Point Cloud: a 3D laser measuring with an enourmous amount of measuring points. The Point Clound renders a very accurate image of the actual situation, which often strongly differs from the exisiting drawings, especially in the case of older buildings. 

At the moment, cepezed applies the Point Cloud-technique while working on the transformation of the former Armamentarium in Delft. Originally, this historic edifice from the early seventeenth centrury functioned as an armory, while its last function was an army museum. Dubbed ArsenaalDelft, it is being transformed now into a complex with a hotel, restaurant, convention center and offices. At certain instances, the differences between the existing drawings and the very precise Point Cloud-measurings are around a meter! Thus, the Point Cloud proves itself a truely valuable instrument.