jinso-pavilion nominated for detail prize 2011

Not even a week after the project won the Dutch National Steel Prize in the commercial category, the cepezed-designed Jinso-pavilion is now nominated for the DETAIL Prize 2011, awarded under the auspices of the German architecture magazine of the same name. A five-member jury including the German-Dutch architect André Kempe and the editor in chief of the prestigious periodical chose the pavilion out of 420 submissions as a nomination for the Special Prize Glass.
Among other things, the jury is of the opinion that the project deals with the material glass in an innovative way: ‘The use of glass that is cold-bent at the location and stressed by frames requires very thorough and detailed solutions. The technological requirements of the insulating glass are met. This new technology has great potential, as it is an inexpensive alternative to the method of bending architectural glass used so far. The jury finds the architectural idea impressive down to the last detail. The project is harmonious and coherent.  The design idea of the architecture is perfected by the glass held in form. The technical method substantially enhances the implementation of the design concept.’
The nominated projects will be published in the January issue of DETAIL and will also be exhibited during the BAU trade fair for architecture, materials and systems that will be held in Munich from January 17-22 2011. They will of course also be shown on the DETAIL Gala 2011organized within the framework of BAU and happening on January 19 in Schloss Nymphenburg. During this event, the eventual winners will also be announced. A third presentation of the nominated projects will take place during the China Architectural Expo landing in Beijing from October 2-22 2011.
For more information on the DETAIL Prize 2011 and the nominated projects, click here.