van spaendonck business house in full action

At the end of September, Van Spaendonck Business House in Tilburg was officially opened by mayor Peter Noordanus and president VNO-NCW Hans de Boer. The many visitors made the festivities with presentations, snacks and music a success. During the open house, two days later, visitors were welcomed from adjacent neighbourhoods and interested organizations making the day again eventful. cepezed and cepezedinterior have been renovating both the building and the interior, giving the house a sleek and modern look, a new logical internal routing, high-quality custom furniture and fresh colours. After renovation, the building has received the BREEAM-Excellent certificate.

TheVan Spaendonck Business House is the new name for what was originally called The Corpac House. In the new house, the interests of entrepreneurs meet and people and networks are connected. Organizations and companies can rent a business space, organize meetings or come in for lunch.