presentation ronald schleurholts: circular construction

Ronald Schleurholts, architect director cepezed, speaks today, September 14, during the event Circular Construction organized by duurzaamgebouwd. Schleurholts, presents cepezed's vision and approach to circular construction based on two concrete projects. The Amsterdam Temporary Court is a highly acclaimed and award-winning circular project that has come to fruition with cleverly applied, prefabricated materials and components as well as components that can easily be disassembled and re-assembled. With this, it is not only easy to recycle, but even in its entirety to be used in another location, possibly also in another configuration for another function. The Green House is a circular pavilion currently being built next to Utrecht Central Station. The pavilion is partly built with recycled building materials from the adjacent meeting center De Knoop, which undergoes a large-scale transformation. Albron Catering will operate the pavilion as a circular restaurant and neighbourhood house, including four meeting rooms and The Urban Farm where vegetables and fruit are grown for the restaurant. The Green House will open in early 2018.