in detail included in exposition modernism: in print

'The work of cepezed: in detail' (nai010 publishers, Rotterdam, 2013) is included in the recently opened exhibition Modernism: in print, part of the Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam. The book, designed by Reynoud Homan, received the prize for the best-designed book in 2013. Homan has been working with cepezed for a long time and is involved in the development of the corporate style and the lay out of specific publications.

The exhibition is the first display of modernism in Dutch graphic design and presents an overview of modernism in Dutch graphic design since 1917, the year in which De Stijl was founded. in detail, documents a large number of typical cepezed projects and thoroughly discusses the various aspects of product development, construction and architecture.

Modernism: in print can be visited until October 1st, 2017. Information about the exhibition can be found on the website of Bijzondere Collecties. in detail is available in the bookstore of Bijzondere Collecties.