topping out central government inspection terminal maasvlakte 2

Yesterday, June 6, celebration took place for topping out the central government inspection terminal (CGIT) at Maasvlakte 2. cepezed designs the extension of the CGIT for the Customs Port Rotterdam. Reaching the symbolic highest point would be celebrated by placing the last beam, but due to bad weather this action had to be posponed. Despite the violent storm, flags were raised and short speeches were given inside the hall by representatives of Customs (one of the users), the central government real estate agency (client) and Building company Stout (contractor).

Opening of the new CGIT is scheduled for the end of 2017. It will provide Customs and the Tax authority with the opportunity to collaborate intensively with the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate and the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. The future image is that a "one stop shop" is created where checks are carried out by these different services.