building update oostduinlaan 75

Oostduinlaan 75 is both a large-scale and striking transformation of Shell's former headquarters into a high-quality residential complex with over 240 apartments to be sold or rent. Construction development is currently clearly visible on the outside. At the sea-view side of the high-rise building the glass facades are placed, which makes the terraces visible. These are positioned within the original concrete facade but will be outdoor of future apartments. At the city-view side the facades are being place at the moment. The characteristic rounding of the glass already gives the building a friendly appearance. Inside, empty floors are filled with new walls so the lay-out of apartments takes shape. In the hallway leading to the apartment all cut-out sections are visible which creates a welcome spaciousness in the building. Due to these large voids, some apartments have a private bridge serving as access to the front door. In the lower building, consisting of seven floors, the glass facades are applied and the steel staircases are installed. At the backside of this building, the park runs almost into the living rooms.

Apartments are currently on the market under the name of ‘Park Hoog Oostduin’ and attracted hundreds of interested peoples last weekend during the ‘Architecture day Den Haag’. Visitors walked the ‘penthouse promenade’ on the 15th floor and enjoyed the view towards the sea.