building day and architecture day

Next Saturday, May 20th is the National Day of Construction, which coincides with The Day of Architecture in The Hague. On this day buildings designed by cepezed can be visited by the public. cepezed invites people to visit three of their projects. In Utrecht, state office De Knoop (construction phase) and in The Hague, the ministerial office complex De Resident (completed) and the apartment building Park Hoog Oostduin (construction phase) can be visited. At De Knoop you can see how the conversion and expansion are progressing while combining the visit with a perfect view over the renovated Utrecht Central Station, with directly adjoining the Moreelse Bridge designed by cepezed. Upon entering The Resident's atrium, the enormous "reception furniture" attracts all attention, afterwards offices can be visited.

Park Hoog Oostduin is a transformation of the former Shell office tower to high-quality apartments where construction company Züblin, together with cepezed, will conduct guided tours on May 20th. More information can be found via Architecture Day The Hague and Building Day.