ground-breaking ceremony technova college

With a festive ground-breaking ceremony the construction-start of the cepezed designed new Technova College in Ede was celebrated yesterday evening. The event was illuminated by an exotic light show with projections including the future school building.
The official start deed was done by board member Toine Schinkel, school director Ad van Dijk and several students in the presence of the involved users, designers and builders. Students of the media department of Technova College realized a live radio registration of the evening.
The redevelopment of Technova College comprises the large-scale renovation and new construction of the domains of Technique & Technology, Media & ICT and Sound & Vision for the Regional Education Centre ROC A12. TechINnova, a consortium initiated by companies from Ede, realizes the building in commission of the Christelijke Onderwijs Groep (COG). Consortium Team techINnova is an initiative of three local contractors in Ede: Kreeft bv,  ITN Installatietechniek and Bruil bouw. cepezed is responsible for the architectural and interior design. The new school is composed of workshops and classrooms located around the central innovation square.
The partial demolition of the old building section started last November. All the education activities continue virtually unimpeded for the whole construction. Only during the upgrading of the façade of the old building the users of this part need to be relocated shortly to another place. Once the edifice is wind and waterproof again the lessons will recommence on the location while the new-build is being finalized. The new Technova College will welcome the circa 1300 students in the summer of 2018.