lecture on daylight by teun kruip

cepezed designer Teun Kruip will give a lecture this coming Thursday May 18th at Borneo Architecture Centre Amsterdam (BAC) within the theme evening Science & Innovation. This event is part of the bigger programme of the current BAC exhibition, Daylight in Architecture. Teun completed his master at the Delft Technical University with a design for a psychiatric institution in which daylight fulfils a eminent role in the treatment method.

‘Embraced by the Sun’ is the title of the project he will present. Teun Kruip: ‚At the start of my graduation period I was triggered by daylight. As part of my master studies I wrote a paper on daylight, titled “Outdoor Animals in Indoor Environments – The influence of (the absence of) daylight on our well-being and performance.” Within a concrete project I wanted to research and apply the immense influence daylight has on our bodies.

The plan comprises a clinic in which patients who suffer from depression are treated for a period of two to twelve months. Life in the clinic follows a strict daily routine that offers the patients structure. The day rhythm contributes to fully profit of the positive effects of sun- and daylight. Thus in the morning it’s important that the shortest visible waves of the electromagnetic spectrum reach our eyes in order to let our body fully awaken. At noontime the sun is at its strongest, which is good for the production of vitamin D. At a larger scale – building form – as well as on a smaller scale – layout of the treatment space and bedrooms, facade elements, choice of material and colours the architectural design is strongly shaped by light.

For more information on the event visit: www.bac-amsterdam.nl/lezingen/