temporary courthouse amsterdam wins gouden a.a.p.

Temporary courthouse Amsterdam wins the Amsterdam Architecture Prize 2017. Commissioned by the Central Government Real Estate Agency the temporary courthouse was realized by consortium dpcp, a combination of Du Prie bouw & ontwikkeling and developer cepezedprojects. The design is by cepezed and cepezedinterieur.

According to the jury, the temporary courthouse is a groundbreaking example of the changing role of the architect and client, it introduces innovative construction solutions and is a meaningfull contribution to the growing city of Amsterdam.

The jury report states: "If you as a visitor walks through the Temporary Courthouse Amsterdam, you will be embraced by a sense of tranquility. Both the exterior and the interior is simple and sleek in design, in the recognizable and reliable style of cepezed, and perhaps at first glance not very exciting. Behind this calm appearance, however, lies an intriguing story, the building is flexible in time, place and function. In no way the building reveals to be a temporary structure: it's architecture return to lego, lego albeit spectacular, high quality. In the field of innovation and circularity cepezed has made big steps forward with innovative technology - reflected in the facade layout and the removable floor system. Also, it is unusual to see the architect taking financial risk responsibility of the project, thru cepezedprojects, and the possible re-use and replacement of the complete building in a different location. The office may therefore be regarded as both a pioneer of a new building typology as a process innovator."

In honor of the tenth anniversary of the Amsterdam Architecture Prize Arcam has a special public exhibition arranged by the ten finalists of the Golden A.A.P 2017 to 25 June visit. More information on the Arcam website.