update extension applikon biotechnology

Last January construction has started of the extension to Applikon Biotechnology in Delft for which cepezed, just like the existing office with adjacent industrial building, made the design. Strong growth of Applikon Biotechnology required almost a doubling of their office and production area.

For the expansion the low-rise production hall is extended while the offices will be placed on the existing hall. The original design of the building was already prepared for a possible extension making use of the same staircases for unlocking the new office area. The extension will get the same form language and materialization as the existing building which ensures glass strips and facade panels will smoothly continue in the new situation. Cepezed has actively searched for possible reuse of materials; so façade panels are neatly taken apart and re-applied on the new rear facade, the technical installation is retained and expanded and the internal fire-resistant glass wall between offices and prodcution hall is usde again. The building work is progressing according to schedule eventhough a sudden growth in production orders for Applikon Biotechnology, cepezed was asked to firstly work out the design of the production hall so that could be build first. As a result, the construction of the production hall is approaching its completion while overall planning is maintained to finalize coming June.